Sunday, June 05, 2005

Today we (our 6th grade class) are having a celebration thingy which is a really long word that I don't know how spellbecause we are graduationg the 6h grade tommorrow. YAY! I can't wait! It starts at 6:00, but we have to be there by 5:45 to get ready. It's in a church, and its honoring us because we graduated! This one guy named Kyle ALMOST didn't graduate, I'm really glad he did though. NO, I do not like him! Its just that he's really nice and I think he deserves to graduate. There is one person who didn't graduate. His name is Vincent. No offense to him, but he's dumb...... LOL! I know, thats really mean, but it's true!

Anyways, on to more important things. xD

I really hope to get kissed before or on the day we graduate. Even after we graduate! The guy like is Seann.He is not the hottest guy on the face of the Earth (Aaron is . LOL! j/k), but he is really nice and he calls mea lot.Maybe I'll write later, after the celebration thingy! ^^


6 hours later:

It was pretty fun! Seann looked nice in his shirt! *shifty eyes* I wish he would kiss me already! LOL!j/k, j/k! For a present, I got this really cool pen! It looked to cheesy in the box it was in, but once I tookit out, I LOVED it! I love it to bits!

Graduation is tommorrow! My dress is SO cool! Its black, and it has this line.... erm.... thingy.... wellits really hard to explain over the internet! But all I know is that I like it. lol. When my friend Vickyfirst came to this school , I asked her what her favorite colors were. She said black, and so I started toget more interested in the color black. She was all mad because she thinks I jocked her. Cause everytime I say something, hmm.. lets say, somebody in my class got some black pants. I'd be like, "Nicepants! they are my favortie color!" She would just roll her eyes and walk away. I got black nail polishand now she says, "If I wouldn't have told you that my favorite color was black, you wouldn't be soobbsessed with it!" I am NOT obbsessed with black! *sigh* I feel like a blabbering idiot, telling a wholebunch of people on the internet this crap. lol.

Talk to ya tommorrow after school!

~ Lorraine

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