Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The last day of school is tomorrow! *sigh* I am gonna miss everyone SO much! I will most likely never ever see them again! I bet you $5 I am gonna cry my eyes out tommorrow! I usually don't cry for anything, but I have known these people for years, and I am really gonna miss them.

The people at my school are wacko, crazy, insane people. I couldn't imagine living without them! Goodness gracious, what the hell am I gonna do at my new school? My best friend Kaitlyn is going to the same as me, so I won't mis her too much. lol. But I am going to miss everyone else like crazy!

Just cause I'm bored, let me list everyone in my class. lol. Their nicknames are in parenthases (sp?) :

April (Corona), Ashley (Midjet), Alex, Kenny, Vincent (Bobo the Hobo), Victoria (Vicky), Rachael (Gonzo), Benjamin (Benji, Benj, Ben), Steven (Evil Elmo), Kaitlyn (Katie), Rachel (Barbie), Tyler, Quila (Kiki. No one calls her that though), Charlene (Char), Randy (Tubby, better known as Tubs), Breanna (Breezy, Brezzyana), Seann, Athenia , Me, AKA, Lorraine (Waney, Rainey, Lori, Lolo), Shawn (Hamster), and Kyle.

OK, now that thats over with, I am going to sleep! xD Good Night!


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