Monday, June 06, 2005

Yay!! We just graduated the 6th grade! *jumps around like a phsyco maniac* I am SO happy!You should have heard me! Halfway through the hallway, I jumped up and screamed,"WE GRADUATED!!!" I couldn't stop laughing! Once we got outside, I was laughing so hard thatmy eyes were teary from laughing! Everyone thought I was crying, but I was laughing my frigginbrains out! I don't know why! Nothing was even funny! But I know what WAS funny! (the names Iam about to mention, you do not know them, so just play along) Alex tripped Seann when he was running away from me slapping him! It was hialarious! I even got an award from President Bush! Well, not directly from him, but it had his signature! I didn't get my kiss tonight, but I am too happy to be sad! LOL! Well, write tommorow (SWIM PARTAAAAAY!!)!


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